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We strive to create and capture a memorable experience at your event with the utmost quality and creativity. The photo booth is a great way to engage and entertain both you and your guests, offering them tangible memories - instantly - to look back on to cherish forever! Our event photography services capture all of the highlights and stand-out moments!

We like to have fun, ensuring that you and your guests do too!

Best Photo Booth in the Bay Area

Open-Air Photo Booth

Capture the most fun in our high-quality, professional Nikon & Microsoft Surface Pro-powered live view "open-air" photo booth. Offering unlimited instant on-site printing, email & text photo delivery, and online digital photo gallery which in includes every single photo taken in HIGH RESOLUTION! your guests will receive their photos instantly. Open-Air packages include an on-site attendant, customized event print template, and fun props for your enjoyment!

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The Wanderer

This is our most interactive choice. An attendant will roam around the room, greet your guests as they get to take photos, videos, GIFs or Boomerang GIFs anywhere they are - wirelessly! The Wanderer is great for capturing the all those special moments in tight places where there might not be power or space to set up a traditional photo booth.

Event Photography

Capture the ceremonies, the cake, the laughter, the guests, the dancing and all the action at your event with our event photography services! We offer several packages to fit your needs and budget. Whether you just want to capture the important moments or the entire party, we will deliver sharp, clear and high quality photos every time!

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Virtual Photo Booth

Designed for remote-based events, your guests can text or email photos in to us and have them instantly framed and branded with your custom frame and sent back to them to post on social media! A complete gallery of all images is collected for your sharing!

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Why Fun Frame Photo?

  • Outstanding customer service and responsiveness
  • Friendly, fun and professional on-site attendant
  • Unlimited hi-resolution commercial quality prints
  • Fun, themed props included in most packages
  • Guests can choose black and white or color for their shots
  • Personalized gift for all of your guests to remember your event
  • Unique customized print templates for each event
  • No travel or delivery fees (in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Prop boxes vary for each event and will contain a wide variety of props, including hats, sunglasses, various signs and all sorts of fun things!

Extras and Options

Beauty Filter

The Beauty filter has been highly requested and is NOW AVAILABLE! The Beauty Filter removes blemishes and smooths the skin to beautify each and every photo! It can be applied to color OR black and white photos for a stunning effect!

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animated GIF

Animated GIFs

Turn your photo session into an animated movie! The Animated GIF extra creates a hilarious series of photos for endless enjoyment! Perfect for sharing your photo booth sessions on social media!

Boomerang GIFs

Popular in the instagram app, the "Boomerang" plays a captured movie forward and then backwards and can be sped up for even more fun! Another great way to share the fun on social media channels!

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Sharing Station

Long lines suck! A standalone photo sharing station outside of the photo booth helps to get guests back to the party faster and the photo booth open for maximum enjoyment! Share photos and GIFs via Airdrop, email, or SMS or even print additional copies to the printer! Perfect for busier events!

Green Screen

Bring your guests to some unlikely and outrageous locations near and far. Underwater, in space, on an aircraft carrier, in a jet plane... Create an experience they'll never forget or increase your brand awareness with branded backgrounds! Perfect for themed parties, kids and corporate events alike!

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Photo Guestbooks

We work with several comapnies to offer you beautiful customized photo guestbooks or more affordable plain white or black guestbooks to keep a physical copy of every photo and have your guests leave a note by each one!


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